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No Crowds! Only 1/2 Full Maximum (4-14 passengers)

A complete Four Hour experience (why rush?) to the Wild Dolphin Playground in the shallow tropical waters off Key West.

Our goal every trip is to:

  • Check out Wild Dolphins and other sea-life in their natural habitat, 
    do some stable catamaran sailing
  • and enjoy a shallow snorkeling stop in the clearest, calmest waters that day, for those who wish to get wet.
  • Some folks choose to stay dry on this trip and just marvel at the surrounding environment, comfortably seated in the shade with a cool drink.
ECHO trips are famous for... Our semi-private seating in the shade or sun, upscale service, stable catamaran sailing, a natural & wild dolphin encounter, about an hour of snorkeling time, personal instruction, premium snorkeling equipment, light food and refreshments, fine beers and wines, and a great cruise back to Key West. And... ECHO is the only sailing catamaran in Key West that does a Wild Dolphin Encounter, so we love to make sailing a great part of every trip.

Catamaran ECHO is always fully stocked with plenty of snacks and refreshments. Included FREE on all our trips:

  • Cold soft drinks - bottled spring water
  • Crunchy snacks, chips, and cookies to munch on
  • Fresh-cut tropical fruit tray, which tastes great after a salty snorkel
  • Domestic and imported beers including - Miller Lite, Corona Extra and Heineken (21 yrs & up)
  • Our two excellent House Wines, a light oak Chardonnay and a delicious Malbec
  • Fresh water shower, Soft trampoline sundeck - the "Black Beach", Sanitized snorkel equipment, Shaded and sunny seating, Cabin with restroom, Stereo sound with "Sirius" Satellite Radio, VHF radio & cell phone communication, and the local knowledge of a great Captain and Crew.
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Wild dolphins seem most attracted to sailing catamarans

Mother nature makes every trip truly unique, but we see Wild Dolphins twice a day, all the time. Our Wild Dolphin friends live full time around Key West. Other dolphins migrate, but these dolphins stay here their whole life, generation after generation. Many times, when we sail toward a pod of our local Wild Dolphins, but maintain a respectful distance from them (and the power boats that sometimes surround them) the dolphins will take a sharp turn and make a beeline for ECHO, and start to swim along side the boat at the same speed. We love when that happens, and it happens very often.

We always give Wild Dolphins their personal space and follow the laws that protect them and their babies. So in return, we get to see them swim along side the boat or sometimes just go about their daily dolphin business. A typical dolphin day includes lots of hunting & feeding together as a team, playing, jumping and competing with each other, mating on the surface and also teaching their babies how to hunt and survive. If it happens in a Wild Dolphin's world, we eventually see it. We enjoy being with Wild Dolphins without interfering with their natural habits that they depend on every day for their survival. We always run our trips in accordance with the marine mammal protection act, and we always have a fantastic time!

Let's Go Wet (or Dry)!

We love to snorkel shallow coral reefs, shipwrecks and giant sponge gardens, wherever Mother Nature gives us the best clear & calm conditions that day. We know many sheltered spots that other boats can't get in to. We always strive for the best conditions and provide excellent snorkeling equipment that is individually fitted to each passenger.

Get wet, or watch the snorkelers and sea life while relaxing on our soft sun deck "the black beach", dry snorkeling, or lounge in our comfortable shaded seats with a cold beverage.

A great cruise back to Key West - As always, sailing as much as possible

After a salty snorkel, enjoy a fresh water shower, a cool tropical fruit tray, crunchy snacks & nuts, assorted soft drinks and bottled spring water. As we cruise back to Key West, relax and sip on one of our excellent wines, or on one of our three domestic & imported ice cold beers. Keep an eye open! We constantly see big turtles popping up, tropical fish jumping and even manta and eagle rays jumping right out of the water. It's different every day, and we love it that way. We see the shallow water wildlife that power boats tend to miss.

Something special

You can reserve regular semi-private half full seats or you may also book a Private Charter. Our private charters are priced so that as few as 2 people can go privately for that special occasion, or your whole group can have the boat to themselves. Click here to see our private charter page.

Since 1989, thousands of people have returned saying that a day trip on Catamaran ECHO was the best part of their Key West vacation! We work hard to hear you say the same thing.

See you soon!

Capt. 'Tortuga' Tom

To Protect Wild Dolphins and to keep them living around Key West, ECHO is happy to strictly follow the Federal Marine Mammal Protection Act that instructs us not to even attempt to touch, feed, chase, dive in to swim with, or in any other way harass Wild Marine Mammals. Let's keep them healthy, WILD and swimming around Key West!

Hall of Fame Award 5 years

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What Should I Bring Along?

What Should I Bring Along?

Agreed terms & conditions for reservations made directly with Catamaran ECHO:

As stated on our ticketing service "FareHarbor" - Reservations are non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled. BUT, ECHO may authorize to reschedule or refund a reservation that is cancelled for a reason acceptable to ECHO management by phone and email at least 72 Hours in advance of the reserved departure time and date. The following terms and conditions apply:

By making and maintaining a reservation on Catamaran ECHO you agree to the following terms and conditions. Each person(s) must cancel directly with Catamaran ECHO management by voice and email at least 72 hours prior to the reserved departure time and date to receive any refund or to not be charged the full balance to ECHO. If you cancel within 72 hours, the full amount due to ECHO will be retained or charged to the reservation credit card, unless you have a serious, unavoidable, confirmed emergency that prevents attendance (as fairly judged valid by ECHO management).

If any person(s) is a "no-show" - the full amount will be retained or charged to the reservation credit card and no refunds are available. Only the professional mariners at Catamaran ECHO may cancel or delay a trip because of weather conditions. If the captain cancels a trip for any reason, there is no charge to you by ECHO or you are entitled to a complete refund or you will have the next chance to reschedule. ECHO is not responsible to obtain a refund of any money held by a third party, other than "FareHarbor". If you and ECHO agree to a rescheduled departure time and/or date, then these same terms apply to that new reservation. Any requests for a post-trip refund for any reason or reports of any trip deficiency will only be made by you by voice directly to Catamaran ECHO management within 1 hour after the end of the trip to be eligible for any compensation.

Each person making a reservation insures that each person reserved is responsible, and will exercise personal due care for their ultimate health, safety and welfare while onboard, boarding and disembarking the vessel ECHO, and during any trip activities, and will inform the Captain by the trip commencement or as soon as possible of any issues that could in any way negatively impact other’s or their own personal health, safety and welfare at anytime during the trip. Passengers shall refrain from showing up overly intoxicated or becoming overly intoxicated during the trip, as judged by the crew. Overly intoxicated passengers may be refused boarding and / or alcohol service with no refunds available and / or the full charge due shall be paid immediately by the reserved party. 

For cruise ship passengers: In addition to all the above, if you contact ECHO ASAP in advance of your reserved departure time to inform ECHO that the late arrival time or change of itinerary of your cruise ship will cause your party to miss their ECHO reservation (as confirmed by the port of Key West), then you will receive a full refund or not be charged the balance due to ECHO.

Thank you for choosing to cruise with Catamaran ECHO - Key West.

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