Cancellation Policies, Terms and Conditions

With a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the trip day, Echo reservations are fully cancellable and refundable if requested directly from the reserving party.

Within 2 weeks of the trip day, tickets cannot be refunded and cannot normally be rescheduled because your space is being guaranteed onboard.

Echo will always take into consideration extenuating circumstances that are confirmed by documentation to our staff.

Within 2 weeks of the trip day, no boarding or refunds are available for parties with passengers under 5 years of age, or who refuse to supply Echo with properly signed waivers online for every member of their party, or cause disruption of the other passengers or crew.

A PHOTO ID IS REQUIRED AT CHECK-IN WITH THE MATCHING CREDIT CARD USED FOR DIRECT BOOKINGS AND DOCKSIDE TRANSACTIONS, and if not presented, a new matching credit card may be required for a fresh payment to avoid being denied boarding with no refund.

The boat trip may ONLY be cancelled by the Captain due to severe weather, or for any reason. The activity usually runs with light rain in the area and other moderate weather conditions, but the Captain may delay departure to let a tropical shower pass, or will cancel the trip in the event of unsavory or unsafe weather conditions. If the Captain cancels the event, or if a designated national or local emergency prevents travel to Key West at the time of a reserved Echo event or the operation of a reserved Echo event, ticket-holders will be allowed to reschedule tickets (at same terms – subject to availability), receive credit for a future event, or receive a full refund.

Cruise Shippers

If you notify Echo in advance that your late Cruise Ship will cause you to miss your cruise, you may receive a full refund.

Alcohol Policy

While excellent Beers and Wines are provided for guests over 21 years, passengers are welcome to bring addition beverages, including beer and wine (but no coolers please). Bring it cold and we’ll store it for you. An Echo crew member must serve you any alcoholic beverages while onboard. Echo is licensed as a Beer and Wine establishment, so NO containers of liquor are permitted onboard.

No alcohol is permitted to be served or consumed on any day trip until after snorkeling.

Overly intoxicated guests will be refused boarding and/or alcohol service. Passengers must refrain from showing up, or becoming, overly intoxicated (as judged by the crew) or they will be refused boarding and/or alcohol service while on the boat. NO REFUNDS will be available in these instances.

Echo is a Drug Free Zone as required by the US Coast Guard.

Echo is not responsible to obtain you a refund of any money held by a third party. Any reports of a trip deficiency shall only be made by the ticket holder, by voice, directly to Catamaran Echo management within 1 hour of the end of the trip to be eligible for any compensation.

Personal Responsibility

Each person making a reservation insures that each person reserved is responsible for, and will exercise personal due care for, their ultimate health, safety and welfare while onboard, boarding and disembarking the vessel Echo, and during any trip activities, and will inform the Captain by the trip commencement, or as soon as possible, of any issues that could in any way negatively impact any passenger personal health, safety and welfare at anytime during the trip.

Thank you for choosing to cruise with Catamaran Echo – Key West.